The Forgotten Clarinet

GOULD_8PAN1T-CR_ai10_FINALGreat playing, beautiful repertoire selection, fine recording, 5 stars!!! Paquito D’Rivera

Dave Gould has given us a gift!!
This CD offers a much needed compilation of wonderful solos that should now remain in our repertoire. Thanks to Mr. Gould’s beautiful rendering, we have a sincere model of how these pieces can move us. – Jon Manasse

Bravo David! Your CD is magnificent, an original and varied program, one of the most beautiful recitals of the French clarinet and you make your instrument sound in the same manner as the finest musicians such as Louis Cahuzac and David Weber. I am very happy for you and Peter Bannister, a partner of the finest caliber, and I was very honored to have taken part in the lovely Duo by Jeanjean that you allowed me to discover. Thank you!– Philippe Cuper

David Gould clarinet  Peter Bannister piano The Forgotten Clarinet is my first foray into recording music for clarinet and piano.  The main goal of the project was to champion lesser known works for the clarinet from the French repertoire that rarely get played or in many cases are truly forgotten works.  I studied in Paris, France for three years and developed a love for the culture and the music.  The modern clarinet, in my opinion, is predominantly a French instrument, and has been heralded by at least 200 years of French composers that have pushed the clarinetist’s abilities, through etudes, contest pieces, concertos, and chamber music.  I am convinced that the music on this recording will enrich, or more appropriately, “re-enrich” the clarinet and piano repertoire that is steeped in the long French tradition.  These pieces really show the affection that these French composers had for the clarinet. Recorded at L’Autre Studio Vaires-sur-Marne, France